The 15 Best Cafes in Korea, 2018

In 2018, I went to many cafes and picked 15 best cafes in Korea that I would most recommend for three criteria. The three criteria are cafe interiors including music, coffee flavors and signature menus, at least one of which was satisfactory.

I wondered personally, and counted how many cafes I went to during the year. The result was a surprisingly large number, visited 445 cafes including foreign cafes.

I have carefully selected the 15 best of them and want to share valuable information. I also considered personal and subjective aspects and factors that other people would normally like.

15. Month Sculpture

        @ Mangwon / Sungsan

Café Month Sculpture, near Hongdae, is the only place on the Top 15 list that has not opened this year. Nevertheless, the reason I introduce here is that it is a place I really like and there is a special attraction so I want to recommend.

This is a very small neighborhood cafe, but it keeps on playing the turntables and gives you a good selection of music. And the barista is making a lot of care with the customized coffee. Finally, the most special feature of this place is that the workshop of the painter coexists with the cafe, so that you can enjoy the process of drawing and the work together.

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14. Le Toit Basement

        @ Jeju Island

Le Toit Basement is a nice cafe in Jeju Island. Lots of good and new cafes are constantly being created on Jeju Island, but it seems that Le Toit Basement is the best.

It is a cafe on the Gujwa-eup area of a popular tourist destination in the northeast of Jeju Island and also close to Sehwa and Sungsan, so it is a good place to visit nearby sightseeing spots. The natural scenery from the Le Toit Basement will give visitors an unforgettable impression.

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        @ Samcheong-dong

There are various types of cafes in Korea and one of them is a gallery café. HOARD is one of the Samcheong-dong gallery cafes, and it has the most beautiful and great view. In the cafe HOARD, you can feel not only enjoying coffee but also leisure time to go through the gallery gracefully.

It is close to Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Museum of Contemporary Art is right next door, so it is a good place to spend a day with art.

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        @ Nonhyun-dong

Life Coffee is a cafe operated by WEK ( Wie Ein Kino ), a specialty store of furniture and interior accessories. Furniture is displayed on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and there is a bookstore on the first floor, so it is a good place to wait for someone or use it as a meeting place. The Life Coffee is in the basement but it is cozy and comfortable.

Personally, I really like this place because it is quiet and the coffee is quite good and moreover valet parking is possible despite being in Gangnam area.

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        @ Sungsu-dong

As a cafe where you can enjoy the most delicious coffee in Sungsu-dong, where a new space is constantly evolving and developing, this is the Lowkey. It is a café space that opened secondly to Namyangju in Gyeonggi province, where it steadily tries to provide delicious coffee with considerable passion and affection for coffee.

If you want to feel the unique charm of Sungsu-dong, you can go anywhere, but if you want to finish your day with delicious coffee, you should visit here.

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        @ Sungbuk

Liike coffee is a small roasting cafe in Sungbuk-gu. I visited here and have been surprised because the coffee is so delicious and it suits my taste. The cafe interior is simple and nice, so I visited here, but it reminds me of the good taste of coffee.

I’d like to put it in top 5 of my favorite cafes with good taste of coffee.

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        @ Sindang-dong

Awesome cafe OFFSET Coffee, opened in a strange alley around Sindang-dong where there are not many good cafes. The location is unfamiliar, but the interiors are sensational and the coffee flavors are excellent. If you look here outside, you’ll want to go inside.

The sunshine reflected in the water filled with small pebbles at the cafe entrance is really beautiful.

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        @ Seoul Forest

If you are looking for a cafe where you can get a healing experience, I recommend you the Seoul Forest Cafe, Matchacha. Cafe Matchacha is a place that boasts a wonderful view of the Seoul forest, and you can enjoy various menus composed of Matcha.

The recommended menu is Matcha Blanc.

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7. The Pter Coffee

        @ Sindang St.

A sensational cafe that resurrected Korean flavors, The Pter Coffee. The entire three-story building serves as a café and is one of the most popular cafes in recent years.

The Pter Coffee opened in December 2018.

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6. Kafe Piknic

        @ Namsan Mt.

If you go to Namsan Mountain which is the main sightseeing spot in Seoul, I highly recommend the kafe piknic which is a multi cultural space. You can enjoy in a variety of kafé piknic with exhibition spaces, restaurants, cafes and shops.

There is also a Michelin restaurant, the Zero Complex, and the cafe piknic turns into a bar piknic in the evening to enjoy a natural wine.

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5. r.about

        @ Hannam-dong

Hannam-dong cafe r.about is my favorite coffee place. The barista of r.about has been living in England, and the name of the cafe is also derived from roundabout.

There are three branches in Hannam-dong, Euljiro and Sinsa-dong Garosoo-gil. The main menu is Café latte with great latte art and pour over coffee.

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4. Anthracite Yeonhee

        @ Yeonhee-dong

Anthracite, which is always reliable, operates a cafe with wonderful architecture in Yeonhee-dong. The moment you enter the Anthracite, you will be impressed by the incredible interior that can not be expressed in words.

Cafe Anthracite Hapjeong, Hannam, Hanlim, Seogyo and Yeonhee are all so sensual as to be recommended, and the coffee taste is excellent.

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3. Cafe Woods

        @ Gyeonggi Province

In the suburbs outside of Seoul, you can meet Cafe Woods has amazing view. It is a cafe with lots of natural light and a variety of photo zones, so really fits with the Instagram taste.

Cafe Woods  is located in Yeoju, Gyeonggi province, and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Seoul. There is an Shopping Outlet in the neighborhood.

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2. Lawns

        @ Songpa Songridan-gil

At Songpa Café Lawns, space interior, music, coffee flavor and kindness were all perfect. The music was especially impressive because there was a barista who studied jazz music.

It is enough to become one of the most unique and famous cafe in Songpa Songridan-gil.

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1. Joain Cafe & Studio

        @ Kyunggi Province

Joain Cafe & Studio was chosen as the first because it received the most likes among the photos posted on the Instagram in 2018. Although subjective standards are important, I have objectively chosen the place where the other person liked the most.

It is a fantastic place where you can fully enjoy the leisure of the weekend, and the wide and spacious space.

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* One more Special Cafe *
        Enough @ Jeju Island

It is the newest Instagram-inspired cafe that is emerging most popular recently. Cafe Enough received explosive love since the first day of pre-opening, and the praise of the people who have visited has been constant.

Café & Shop ‘Enough’, which creates a lovely space, is highly recommended as a place to visit if you go to Jeju Island.

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